Everyday Peacemaking Day #19: "extend forgiveness to a person whose actions have left you wou

I received an email from The Global Immersion Project late last month launching a month-long #EverydayPeacemaking challenge to "further activate you to partner with God in healing our broken world."

Challenge Accepted.

I thought I would get more of these in. Alas, here is my second blog post:

Forgiveness... When I think of this I always think it is such a central part of Christianity. Even non-Christians probably know this about Christianity.

The thing is - people wound each other all the time and if we all did what we were supposed to do, if we all did what Jesus did, if we all acted as if we believed the words we say out loud in the Lord's prayer, "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us", the world would know more peace. Simple, isn't it?

But forgiveness remains a struggle. I think it is because we sometimes see forgiveness and acceptance as meaning the same thing. We think that forgiving sends the message that what the person did to us is acceptable when it is not. Or we think that forgiveness can be taken to be insincere, like a fake apology. So instead of practicing forgiveness, we refuse to do it or just think it to ourselves.

So many times I have thought to myself "I forgive him" and have even felt that in my heart. But I have not reached the point of saying out loud - to that person - or to anyone. Maybe today is the day.


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